Our mission at SettlementOne is to provide employing organizations with the highest quality, most advanced products and services with the best possible customer service for every client. We strive to be the leader in technology, innovation and service for organizations nationwide.

Employment screening is an integral part of our nationís hiring process. With organizations losing profits due to wrong hires and increased identity theft liability, SettlementOne provides assistance in securing a comprehensive due diligence process. Employers and volunteer organizations are then able to hire and work with safe and qualified individuals.

SettlementOne serves a variety of industries with quality FCRA compliant screening and data, through understanding client-specific needs. Products and services are provided through cutting-edge, integrated, web-based tools; contributing to increased profitability and mitigating risks.

With hundreds of pre-employment and employee screening options available, it is important to know the best options for your organization, meeting your liability needs while maintaining a cost effectiveness that pleases your finance department. Whether you have one location or hundreds of branches our national network of coverage ensures all of your offices receive the same automated results and rapid return time.

New and returning clients utilize this simple web-based entry system to request new products, monitor and retrieve results from existing orders and print tailored reports.



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Credit Screening
SettlementOne provides an array of customized information services to businesses across the United States that assist with making crucial decisions, such as determining whether to offer employment, make a mortgage or automobile loan, or enter into a business...

Background Screening
SettlementOne provides a breadth of employment screening coverage helping you mitigate employment risks and make informed hiring decisions. Some featured products include: criminal and civil searches, education and employment verifications...

Drug Screening
Rising tardiness, absenteeism, employee turnover, on-the-job accidents, workers compensation claims, employee theft, lowered productivity, and workplace violence are problems directly attributable to substance abuse. Drug & alcohol testing helps protect...